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Games and snacks

A morning set (200 yen) was added to the Japanese Seven-Eleven.
The combination of coffee and bread is as follows.
Hot coffee and ice coffee, chocolate chip bread and chocolate croissant
Collapsing corn stick, commitment source croquette bread, condensed milk France
Almond croissants, plentiful rice curry pan, sausage roll
The price of 228 yen to 240 yen is usually 200 yen uniform, and it is profitable with a width of 28 to 40 yen.
It will be less than 1 discount to less than 2 discount.

Earl sandwich Ear is busy playing cards
I wonder if there is no food that can be eaten with one hand
Although there is an anecdote that invented a sandwich.
In the morning, I bought a morning set in a Seven-Eleven, like
Culdcept 3DS

I think that playing card games is stylish like the Count.
Personally curry bread or sausage roll and coffee, this would be 200 yen
I wonder if you are going to have a good line so, Seven Eleven.
Because you get hungry as you play something to think about.