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Nintendo's permanent college degree of regular employees

Many of Tokyo University are employed by Nintendo
Because I hired only the University of Tokyo, I fell down.
There were lots of such voices around each SNS site.
However, news that overturned it was reported from "Sunday Everyday".
It seems that most people are using Kyoto University from Nintendo's headquarters local Kyoto.
The second place is like "Tokyo University". After all I thought that I adopted it from the University of Tokyo, so I thought so.
3rd place is Keio University, do you want to join the game company? Is it due to living in Tokyo?
Waseda University is the fourth place and the universities around Tokyo continue.
The fifth place is Osaka University, Osaka. Finally the name of the second city in Japan was called.
It seems that there are no doubt that it adopts mainly universities with high deviation values.

I thought.
I feel that making games does not necessarily have good smartness.
A person with a high deviation value is a person with a high ability to derive a correct answer.
However, it is better to have a service spirit of enjoying something, entertaining
Is not it necessary?
Games are for children or adults with a child's heart
Just a good study, well-to-do, a game made by a person good at testing
Is it really interesting?
The Nintendo switch will be released this year.
Let's see the degree of their brain's ability.